about face - the first line of defense for your skin
welcome to about face 
about face 
the first line of defense for your skin

**about face is temporarily closed. i have moved out of the madison/sun prairie area and am searching for a new location in watertown, wi. i will update this website as soon as i have a new location secured. i hope to have a new location by mid-june/early july.**

about face is focused on providing you with professional, yet personal service to help you achieve healthy, radiant skin. about face offers exceptional skin care treatments and professional product lines that are developed with clinical strength ingredients specifically formulated to provide "the first line of defense for your skin."  
your skin is the most important garment you wear everyday! give it the attention it deserves with a complimentary consultation or a beneficial and revitalizing skin care treatment!
your skin. your complexion. your reflection....defend it with help from about face.
 ~colleen a. feucht, aesthetician/makeup artist
                                            “Personal beauty is greater recommendation
                                                  than any letter of reference.”  -Aristotle
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